Andy H.

Dr. Jim Garza is an outstanding surgeon, who provides dedicated care to patients and their families. I had an enlarging inguinal hernia and 2 umbilical hernias that were repaired using minimally invasive robotic technology. I only missed 2 days of work and never even needed a pain pill. He is truly a master surgeon!


I found this surgeon for my Dad and he had surgery right away for an ingunial hernia. He had the best experience, the nurse was very informative and helpful. Dr . Jim Garza explained everything. I then decided to take care of my umbilical hernia. Dr. Jim Garza answered all of my questions and my […]

Armando M.

What a fantastic surgeon. Staff is friendly and helpful. Thank you for my hernia repair Dr. Garza!

Larry T.

I have had 3 hernia operation in the same area. After using Dr. Garza on my 4th, I truly believe it will be the last. What a great doctor. His staff is friendly and courteous

Bridget F.

Dr. Garza recently repaired the hernias for my husband that a general surgeon failed to fix in 2012 and 2013. He was very thorough, never rushed us and listened to our concerns and expectations. The surgery went great and he’s back to his normal self. Dr. Garza took pictures during the surgery and after so […]

SM, Age 61

In 2006 I had to undergo a complex abdominal surgery which saved my life, but which eventually left me with a large incisional hernia. Frankly, this hernia scared me. It had obviously gotten worse with time and I was afraid that I was getting close to a rupture that would require emergency surgery. I decided […]

Carlos, Age 39

I was diagnosed with a hernia; the hospital I was at took me into surgery where I was cut open and the hernia was stitched closed. I spent 10 weeks at home packing the wound with sterile water and gauze, unable to work for risk of infection. About 3 months later, the hernia started to […]

Jim, Age 51

My dad had hernia surgery three times, so when I started to feel a little bump at the bottom of my abdomen, I knew what was happening. I just couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Jeff, Age 41

Like so many people who ignore their hernias, Jeff tried to live with the painful bulge that got bigger and bigger as the day progressed. Finally, he had to admit that the hernia was interfering with his life.

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