SM, Age 61

In 2006 I had to undergo a complex abdominal surgery which saved my life, but which eventually left me with a large incisional hernia. Frankly, this hernia scared me. It had obviously gotten worse with time and I was afraid that I was getting close to a rupture that would require emergency surgery. I decided I should seek out someone who had lots of experience repairing hernias rather than just going to a general surgeon. During my research, I ran across information for the Houston Hernia Center and Dr Garza, and after some additional research I decided he was the surgeon I needed.

My first contact was through the Houston Hernia Center’s website, and I was greatly pleased to receive a surprisingly quick response by telephone. When I explained my situation to the staff, they momentarily put me on hold, and the next thing I knew Dr Garza was on the line. With no appointment yet scheduled, he took the time to discuss my case and my concerns, and to advise me of my potential options. This solidified my decision to rely on Dr Garza, and I immediately set up an appointment for an examination.

On every visit to his office (as well as every telephone call), I found Dr Garza and his staff to be courteous, knowledgeable and genuinely concerned for my welfare. Dr Garza explained my condition and my options in detail, and took whatever time was necessary to answer my questions and concerns. On the day of the surgery he spoke with me before and after the surgery, and throughout my hospital stay he monitored my progress with daily visits. And according to my family, he also took the time to fill them in on my progress and to answer any questions they had.

Initially, my body didn’t want to cooperate with my recovery and I had some complications. Throughout all of it, Dr Garza monitored my progress and managed my care until he was satisfied with my condition. I have no hesitation recommending Dr Garza and his staff to anyone requiring hernia diagnosis and/or repair.


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