Carlos, Age 39

I was diagnosed with a hernia; the hospital I was at took me into surgery where I was cut open and the hernia was stitched closed. I spent 10 weeks at home packing the wound with sterile water and gauze, unable to work for risk of infection. About 3 months later, the hernia started to tear again and I could feel my insides starting to bulge through the tear and I was starting to feel a lot of pain. But I couldn’t afford to have surgery and be laid up another ten weeks.

One day I was headed home from work I saw a billboard advertising the Houston Hernia Center. I looked the number up and made an appointment for that Friday. I signed in and a short time later I shown to to a room where they took my vital signs. I was then taken to another room with more equipment. Dr. Garza came in and after introducing himself, we began to discuss my problem and I realized how my previous surgery had been destined to fail since they had not put any type of mesh in me to stop future tearing. He then showed us the patch that he could put in that would cure all my hernia problems. He would insert the patch using laparoscopic surgery which basically consists of inserting a camera and a couple of tools into your stomach without cutting you open. This would cut recovery time down from 4 weeks to just 10 days. One of the nice things is Dr. Garza explains everything in layman’s terms with none of the medical jargon that the average person doesn’t understand.

We arranged to have Dr. Garza do the surgery Tuesday morning morning at the Surgical Center which without a doubt is one of the cleanest and nicest day surgery facilities in Houston. The staff there was so helpful and everyone from the anthologist who explained how she would put me under to the surgery nurses who introduced themselves was just great. Ten days later I went back to the Center where I was ushered right in. Dr. Garza checked his work, answered a couple of questions I had and told me I was ready to resume my pre-hernia life.

My quality of life is so much better now without the bulging and the pain. If you have a hernia anywhere don’t mess around with it. They don’t get better by themselves. Get it fixed. And I highly recommend you go see Dr. Garza and his staff. You will be so glad you did.

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